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" " 6, 2003 . " " ( , ). .

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, 1978

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75...d8 76.b1+ c6 77.c1 d7 78.e2? 78.e4! , 3, . 78...b5 79.b1+ a4 80.c1 b4 81.b1+ a3 82.c1 d5! . 83.e3 b2 84.c4 b3. .

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, 1965

62...e2 63.a3 e3. . 64.a8. 64.a1 64...b3 65...h3 ( 64...h3 65.a5).

64f3 65.a1 d3 66.f1. 66.b1! e2 67.g2 g4 68.a1 d2 69.b1 d1 70.b2+ e3 (70...e1 71.g1!) 71.b3+ d3 72.b1 d2+ 73.g1 f3 74.f1+ e3 75.a1, .

66...g4! 67.b1 a3. 67...g3 - 68.hg :g3 69.b8 f3 70.g1 e2 71.b2+.

68.c1. 68.g1 68...g3 69.h1 g4 70.h:g3 f3! 71.h2 a2+ 72.h1 :g3 73.g1+ h3 74.f1 f2 75.b1 a3 76.b3+ g4!, .

68...g3 69.hg. 69.g1, 69...g4 70.hg :g3 71.h1 f3 72.g1+ h3 73.f1 f2 .

69...:g3 70.g1 a2 71.b1 f3 72.c1 g2+. . 73.f1 73...h2 74.g1 f2+.

. - .

41- , 1973

"d". .

41...e6! 42.g3 d4! ! 43.h8 d5 44.f3 f1. , 44...d3? - 45.d8+.

45.f4 e1. . 46.g4 d3 47.d8+ c4 48.g5 g1. 48...c3, 49.g6 g1 50.f5 d2 51.f4 d1 52.:d1 :d1 53.g7 g1 54.f6 d4 55.f5 e4 .

49.e4 e1+ 50.f5 c3 51.g6 g1 52.c8+ d4 53.f6 e3 54.d8 f1 55.g7 :f3+ 56.e5 g3 57.g8 :g8 58.:g8 d2. .

. - .

, , 1983

, d5. , .

50.c5! "c", . 50.e6, 50...e5+ 51.:f6 g5!, .

50...g5 51.c7+ b6 52.c1. 52.f7, 52...f5 53.h7 h5 54.h8 b7, .

52...b7 53.f1 f5 54.e7 g7+ 55.f6 d7! : "d". 56.e6 c7 57.:f5 d6+ 58.:e5 g6 59.f7+ d8 60.h7 a6 61.h8+ d7 62.h7+. . 61.d6 61...a1.

. - .

, 1968


68.d3 b1+ 69.b3 h1 70.f3 h6 71.f5 d6 72.d5+ c6 73.f5 d6 74.f3! . 74...g6 75.b3 h6 76.c3 c6. . 76...e6, 77.d5 h1 78.b4 a1 79.d3 e5 80.a3 b1+ 81.c5; 76...g6, 77.d4 h6 78.d5+ c6 79.e4 h4+ 80.f4, f5.

77.d4 g6 78.f4 h6 79.e4 g6. 79...d6 80.d5+ e6 81.f5+ e7 82.d4.

80.h5 g1 81.h6 e1+ 82.f5 a1 83.:f6+ b7 84.b6+ a7 85.e6 :a5+ 86.g6 c5 87.f5 :c4 88.f6 g4+ 89.f5 g1 90.f7. .

. - .

, 1945

, .

42...h5! . 43.g4!

43.a4 h4 44.a5 g8. "g". 45.ab ab 46.e3 c8. 46...g4 47.fg :g4 48.b5 :g2 49.:b6 h3 50.f3 g1 .

47.d2. 47.b5 c2 48.:b6 :g2 49.b4 ( 49.f6+ f7 50.e4 g6) 49...h3 50.e4 e2+ .

47a8 48.b5 a2+ 49.e3 f6 50.f4 g4 51.:b6+ :f5 52.b5+. .

. - .

, 1961


31...a4. , 31...d2 32.a3 a2 33.e3.

32.e2 f7 33.f3 b5. a2, . 34.h3 h5 35.g2 h4. . 36.f2 a3 37.g2 b4 38.f2 a5 39.g2 c3! . c3-c5-b5 a5-a4.

. - .

, 1981


43.g1! 43.d7+ g6 44.:b7 c1+ 45.e2 c2+ 46.f3 :a2 7-5-4 .

43...g6 44.h2 a6. 44...c2 45.g5+ f6 46.a5 a6 47.g3, .

45.d2 b6 46.h3 a5 47.d5 a4. . 48.ba b4 49.g5+ h6 50.g4 b2 51.a3 b3+ 52.g3 b1 53.d3 g6 54.g4. . 54...c1 55.d6+ g7 56.d7+ g6 57.h5+ h6 58.d6+ g7 59.d4 c3. 59...c2, 60.g3 c3 61.b4 g8 62.f4 :a3 63.g4 c3 64.e5, b7.

60.b4 g8 61.f5 c5+. 61...:a3 62.g4.

62.e6 :h5 63.b7 g5 64.b2 g3 65.a5! g5. 65...:a3 - 66.f6 h5 67.g6 f8 68.b8+ e7 69.a8 g3+ 70.f5! :g2 ( 70...d7 71.a6 c7 72.h8 b6 73.h6+ a7 74.g6) 71.a6 f2+ 72.e4 a2 73.a7 f7 74.h8.

66.f6 g6+ 67.e7 h5 68.d7 h4 69.c7 h8 70.b4 :g2 71.:h4+ g7 72.a6 e2 73.:d4. .

. - .

, 1985

, . 30...c6 31.h5. . 31...d8+ 32.c3 h6 33.a5 b6 34.a4! . 34...d1 35.h4 f1 36.f3 h1. 36...e1, 37.e4 38.e7.

37.g4 g5 38.e4 c5. 38...gh - 39.:h4!

39.hg fg. 39...hg 40.e6 h6 41.a6 g4 42.:a7 h3 43.f7 .

40.g4 a5 41.e5+ b6 42.e8 c5 43.c8+ b5. 43...d5, 44.a8 a1 45.b2.

44.d4! , . 44d1+ 45.e4 b4 46.b8+ c3 47.b5 a1 48.f5 d2 49.e4 f1. 49...e3, 50.e5 :f3 51.e6, .

50.g6 :f3 51.:h6 f4 52.:g5 :e4 53.:a5. .

. - .

, 1963

41.c8+. , . 41...f7 42.c7+ f6 43.:a7 g5 44.a5! , "b". 44...ba 45.b6 b2 46.b7 g4 47.c6 c2+. 47...g3, 48.a8 g2 49.g8 .

48.d7 b2 49.c7 c2+ 50.b8 g3 51.a8! , 52.b8.

51...b2 52.:a5 g2 53.a1 f5 54.b8. .

. - .

- , 1939

, . 47.h2 d8 48.g3 d4. 48...d2 : 49.b4! d3+ 50.h4 :a3 51.g4 f8 52.h5 :h3+ 53.g6.

49.c6 g7 50.:a6 h5. 50...b4? - 51.a4.

51.b6 h4+ 52.f3 f4+ 53.e3 :f5 54.:b5 f1 55.a4 a1 56.a5 g6 57.e4 e1+ 58.d5 e4 59.b4 f5. 59...e3 60.e4 e2 61.e3 g1 62.:e2 :g2+ 63.f3 g3+ 64.f4 :h3 65.a6, .

60.a6 a1 61.b6+ g5 62.e6 f4 63.b5 g3. c . 64.b6 a5+ 65.c4 :a6 66.b7 :e6 67.b8+ f2. - 67...:g2 - 68.g8+.

68.f4+ g1 69.:f5 e8 70.d7 g8 71.d4+ :g2 72.:e4+ h2 73.:h4 g3 74.d4 :h3 75.f2+ h1 76.f1+ h2 77.f2+ h1 78.e4 h7 79.f5 h4+ 80.f3. .

. - .

, , 1950

. 41.a8+. . , .

41...e7 41...c7 42.f8. 42...f1 43.f4 f5 44.e8 e1 ( 44...d6 45.c5+ d5 46.:f5+!! ef 47.e5) 45.d2 b1 46.:e6 :b3 47.e5 f5.

42.b8 f1 43.f4 c1+. 43...f5 44.h8 d6 45.h6 f7 46.g4 e7 47.gf ef 48.b4 .

44.b4 d1 45.g4. g5, 5 b8-g8-g7.

45...b5. . 45...1:d4 46.:d4 :d4 47.c5 :g4 48.:b7+ f6 49.a7 f4 50.a2 f3 51.b2 54.:c6, .

46.c5. 46.cb, 46...cb 47.:b5 1:d4 ..

46...c1 47.c8. 47.:c6 bc 48.:f7+ :f7 49.:d7 d1! .

47...bc 48.bc d5+ 49.b4 b1+ 50.c3 c1+ 51.d3! , 51.b3 d7 52.:c6 b7+ 53.a2 c2+ 54.a3 c1 . 51...d7 52.:c6 e5 53.e4 :d4+ 54.:d4 d1+ 55.e4 ed. 55...:d4+, 56.:e5 :g4 57.f4 ..

56.a6 d3 57.a2 d6 58.d4 d2 59.e3 e1+ 60.:d2 e4 61.a4! : . 61...c5 62.f3 f4 63.e3 f6 64.e4 e6+ 65.f5. .

. , - .
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